Community Partnerships

Anti Gang Task Force

Child & Family Center works in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita and other community organizations on gang prevention within the Santa Clarita Valley.

Blue Ribbon Task Force

Child & Family Center was one of the founding members of the City of Santa Clarita’s  Blue Ribbon Task Force, formed in January 2000 by the Santa Clarita City Council to provide information and education to the community about alcohol/drug/tobacco use by teens. Community leaders signed a Community Charter that recognizes their collective responsibility and commitment to provide a quality, safe, and substance-free environment for the youth of Santa Clarita.

Through the years, the concerns addressed by the Task Force have grown to include other teen issues such as peer pressure, teen stress, gangs, sex, and making healthy life choices, among others. The Task Force is composed of community-based organizations, parents, youth, educators, law enforcement, businesses and City staff.

Teen Scene Unplugged

Each September the group sponsors Teen Scene Unplugged, an annual community information evening. Always packed with information and useful resources to help parents and teens get through the crucial teenage years, the program is attended by over 500 community members each year. Speakers address tough and touchy teen issues, including drug and alcohol use, social and academic pressure, teen stress, peer pressure, dating, family communication and connection, among others.