Upcoming Groups - FREE

On My Own
Wednesday, 6:00-7:30pm at Child & Family Center Beginning August 12
Youth 17-21 will learn the skills need to live independently (moving out of parent’s house, going to college, sharing a place with a friend)
To sign up, contact: Quentin Dunne, LMFT, Alternatives Program Therapist - 661/259-9439, ext. 3027

Empowered Parents of Teens
Free group for parents of children 12-17. Learn how to prevent problems BEFORE they start. This 10 –week class provides education and support to help parents understand teen issues such as improving communication, making good choices, negotiating and enforcing limits, and drug and alcohol prevention. Start date beginning of August. For more information, contact: Hilary Matthews, 661/259-9439, ext 3170

"The Facts"
“The Facts” is a substance awareness, prevention and education series just for teens. Participants learn the risks of drugs and alcohol experimentation and are able to ask questions in a safe and supportive environment. Certificate awarded after completing 8 (eight) sessions.
Contact: Hilary Matthews (661) 259-9439, extension 3170

Community Outreach
Child & Family Center is dedicated to educating the community about the many services we provide. Representatives attend resource and health fairs, community events, parent back to school nights, PTA events, City of Santa Clarita Family Resource Meetings among others to increase community awareness.