The Beatrice A. Flatz Legacy Society – Estate Planning

Years ago when the Center was new, the volunteers had a unique role at Child & Family Center, as they performed many duties that are accomplished by paid employees today. Folding letters, licking stamps, and stuffing envelopes were some of the invaluable services they performed in those days. One such lady was Bea Flatz who could be seen around the Center helping out in any way she could. Even then, she understood the vital role the Center played in the community, and she loved the place. She was pleased that she could leave a little money to the Center’s children in her will, even though she never told anyone that it would happen. No fancy trust or tax vehicle, just her Last Will & Testament named Child & Family Center as beneficiary to 5% of Bea’s estate. Well, at the time of her passing, 5% equaled $140,000…a fortune to us!

The Center receives with deep gratitude such bequests, gifts of life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, and all forms of estate planned gifts. Gifts made after your passing ensure that a part of you will live on in charitable work.

Please speak to your attorney or financial advisor to discover how your estate plan can help ensure that the things that are important to you in life will continue on.