Child Abuse Prevention

The Center offers help for abused and neglected children who are at risk of being removed from the home. Therapists work with the entire family to build upon their strengths, empowering them to succeed.

Participants receive:

  • In-Home Counseling

  • Teaching and Demonstrating Home-Making:
    Child care skills and home maintenance techniques are provided through examples and discussions.

  • Parenting Skill Enhancement:
    Child development, home management and consumer education are practiced in parenting skill achievement classes.

  • Linkages to Other Community Services:
    Job training/employment services, alcohol and drug treatment, developmental services, housing assistance, and child care.

  • Transportation:
    Transportation is available for families who need assistance including drop-off and pick-up service to therapy sessions, meetings, appointments and other activities.

In some cases a team is assembled, involving the family, neighborhood or community partners, caregivers, parent partners, treatment staff and facilitators. These family meetings engage families in developing an individualized plan to keep the child safe and the family intact.

Mental Health Assessment Team

Child & Family Center therapists provide assessments for children who have been detained through the Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS) and are being placed outside of their home.  The staff member meets with the child, the foster parent(s) and the biological parent(s) when they are available.  

The assessments ensure the child’s needs, such as medical, dental, developmental, speech/language, educational, vocational, mental health and family/caregiver are being met.  The information is compiled and presented to the court to determine the appropriate needs, services and placement for the child. The assessments aid in increasing the family’s level of functioning, the child’s safety and possible reunification with the family.