Staff Trainings

Clinical Staff Training

All Clinical Staff at the Center attend mandatory monthly Clinical Staff Meetings. At this meeting, a Clinical Training is provided on a topic relevant to their work with children and families. This provision of monthly trainings helps promote high quality of care for clients by educating staff on current research findings, treatment techniques, and resources.

Intern Training

Child & Family Center is a CAPIC-approved Internship site. We have a long-standing reputation for providing an excellent Part-Time Pre-doctoral Internship Training Program. Each internship year, interns are selected through the CAPIC matching process. They carry a caseload of children and adolescents 0 – 18 years old, both in Outpatient Services and the Early Childhood Mental Health Program, and conduct psycho-diagnostic assessments.

Interns also receive weekly In-Service Trainings from qualified staff at the agency on a variety of clinical topics.

In addition, the Center also offers an additional Training track for MSW students in partnership with USC. If interested in applying for an internship opportunity, please contact your graduate institution, not Child & Family Center directly.

Management Training

In today’s constantly changing workplace, it is important to develop a staff that has strong people skills, clear communication and a desire to form a strong internal structure in order to provide quality services for the Santa Clarita Valley.

Child & Family Center has developed a Leadership/Management training component in order to provide managers and leadership with the knowledge and skill set required to achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes within the multiple programs offered at the Center.