Cost for Services

Private Insurance

Child & Family Center has access to many funding streams for which many of the residents of Santa Clarita may be eligible. However, some members of the community have private insurance which they would like to utilize for the services we provide. If you are part of an HMO or PPO insurance plan, we will help direct you to them. If not, we will work with you to see if the plan that you do have will permit the use and reimbursement of our services.

Sliding Scale

As a non-profit agency, the Child & Family Center works to raise funds to support the provision of services to the members of the Santa Clarita Valley community. We feel that it is our obligation to try and help as many people as possible who may not be eligible for the various funding streams for which we have access. Therefore, we have established a sliding scale that uses a family’s annual income as a basis to determine the reduced fee that would be charged for the services to be provided. The number of such openings may be limited at any given time, but our goal is to continue our fund raising efforts to maximize the number that we are able to serve.