Crisis Intervention

Today’s youth experience considerable stress in their daily lives. For some, the stress becomes unbearable and they may see suicide as the only means of escaping their intense psychological pain. The Center’s Crisis Team responds immediately to calls from parents, school personnel, police, probation officers, Department of Children and Family Services or the child himself. 

Children and youth up to age 25, who have expressed suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or have severe behavioral problems that put themselves or others at risk of harm are seen immediately for crisis intervention, or assistance with hospitalization.

In addition, the team is often called upon to respond to trauma situations in the community, working with local schools and the City when critical incidents arise.

The crisis team is comprised of psychologists, marriage and family therapists and clinical social workers who are specially trained in crisis intervention and critical incident stress debriefing. The team also provides support, consultation and presentations to community groups and organizations.