Child & Family Center is one of the partner agencies in the City of Santa Clarita's DIVERT (Domestic Intervention Violence Education Resource Team), which provides education and outreach about the many services offered in the Santa Clarita Valley. Participating agencies include Child & Family Center, City of Santa Clarita, L.A. Country Sheriff, Domestic Violence Center and College of the Canyons among others.
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My Family Safety - Group for children 6-11 years                   


   Breaking the Cycle - Group for teens  



Children who grow up with violence in the home face many lifelong challenges; including difficulties in school, becoming a victim of abuse or assault, and harm to their physical, emotional, and social development.  In addition, the single best predictor of a child growing up to become an abuser or victim is having grown up in a home with domestic violence.  Child & Family Center is working with children and families to break the cycle of abuse.

Child and Adolescent Support and Education Groups

  • Provide a safe and secure environment where children and teens can learn new skills to help them cope with family change, loss, and separation
  • Encourage children and teens to share their thoughts and feelings with others who have had similar experiences
  • Give children and teens an opportunity to express their feelings about what happened and what is happening to them and around them.
  • Helping children and teens to understand, identify and express their feelings of grief and loss
  • Teaching children and teens how to assertively express feelings and needs to family members
  • Teaching effective ways of managing their stress
  • Reinforcing social support systems
  • Learning non-violent ways of resolving conflicts

Parenting Groups

  • Helping parents who have experienced domestic violence to understand the impact on their children    
  • Teach parents to talk and listen to their children about their experience of the violence
  • Encourage children’s resiliency
  • Support parents in strengthening their relationship with their children