Head Start Consultation

Child & Family Center provides mental health consultation to the staff and low income families of the three local Head Start Programs in the Santa Clarita Valley which include sites at Old Orchard Elementary School, downtown Newhall and Val Verde. Therapists provide brief assessments, counseling and linkages to community resources, including mental health services.

Our Spanish speaking mental health consultant also coordinates directly with the Volunteers of America Los Angeles Mental Health Supervisor and staff on the Head Start Site. There they work with teachers in developing specialized approaches to address the behavioral and emotional needs of the children and develop Parent Trainings relevant to the families. In addition, therapists provide consultations for Early Head Start Families (ages0-3) in their homes and at the Center.

Community Preschools Mental Health Consultation Services

Our consultation services have been designed to support public and private preschools in meeting their students’ social-emotional needs. Our consultation team will present formal trainings, consult with teachers and staff, observe classrooms and teachers, and offer short-term counseling & referral services to students and families that have been identified as needing more targeted support.

Painted Turtle

Child & Family Center therapists provide mental health consultations for staff at the Painted Turtle, a camp devoted to medically fragile children.  Child & Family Center staff help the camp administration with managing crises and providing guidance as to how to best intervene with children with medical and emotional challenges.  In addition, Child & Family Center consultants and camp staff discuss self-care, camp life expectations and realities and child abuse reporting requirements.