Quality of Care

Notice of Privacy Practices 
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Non Discrimination in Services 
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Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement

As the Child & Family Center pursues its mission of strengthening families through counseling, education, and support, the QA/QI & Training Department ensures that all staff members conduct their work with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  QA/QI assures that C&FC follows all laws, regulations, and contractual requirements of the Department of Mental Health, State of California, and all other relevant contracts and entities in delivering and documenting services.

The QA/QI & Training Department has established preventative and corrective measures in order to meet compliance requirements, which include conducting internal audits of client related records, monitoring documentation, and monitoring delivery of services.   In addition, QA/QI monitors the quality of services and seeks to improve upon the effectiveness of treatments being provided, through the use of Clinical Case Review presentations, outcome measures, and staff trainings.


Child & Family Center provides transportation as a service to active clients of the Center. Transportation is available Monday thru Friday 8am to 7:30 pm. There is no additional cost to those that utilize the service. Many of the clients the center transports are either picked up from school or are brought due to the fact that the parent or guardian in the home is working and unable to drive the client themselves.

Without the transportation option, many of our clients would not be able to receive the services and help they need. In addition to the clients, family members are also able to benefit from the services due to health problems or their inability to drive themselves. This service provides an opportunity for family members to attend the sessions with the client. Ultimately, these are the families who are in the bracket who most likely have the greatest need for services of the center. By offering this service and by assisting clients to get to their appointments in a timely manner gives hope that these children can ultimately be set on a trajectory of a better future. Ultimately without transportation this vision becomes less obtainable to those who do not have access to the center’s services. Annually, transportation was provided to an average of 1552 clients and 110,000 miles of travel.

Call Center

One of our most important tasks is to provide referrals and information to those who contact us. While many of the calls we receive at the Center entail accessing our mental health services, some may involve additional information or a referral to resources in the community. If there are any services that you need or any information that might be helpful for you, please don’t hesitate to call. We’re here to help.