Transitional Age Youth 16-25

Young people ages 16-25 often have difficulty transitioning to adulthood. They may have limited social support or community connections. Some are faced with homelessness. Others resort to alcohol or drug use to deal with their anger and frustration.

The Center provides an array of mental health and supportive services for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed and Severe and Persistently Mentally Ill youth ages 16-25. The TAY Division has identified a number of priority TAY populations to receive these services; along with a specific emphasis on outreaching and engaging those who are currently un-served and underserved.
Those receiving services may include youth who are:

  • Struggling with substance abuse disorders;
  • Homeless or at-risk of homelessness
  • Aging out of the children's mental health, child welfare, or juvenile justice systems;
  • Leaving long-term institutional care; or
  • Experiencing their first episode of major mental illness