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Diana Pretzlaff
  • Registered Nurse, Fundraiser

Diana Pretzlaff, RN, joined the Child & Family Center Board in September of 2022. She brings a unique combination of fundraising and healthcare experience to the organization.

After graduating from UCSD in 1984, Diana began her career in San Francisco as a marketing and public relations executive for Viacom Cablevision and the Sports Channel. The AIDS epidemic ignited her passion to serve and help those in crisis. After volunteering for HIV/AIDS organizations in the Bay Area, Diana went back to school to become a Registered Nurse. A job that satisfies her need to help people.

Diana began to focus her fundraising efforts to a variety of causes in 2016. This led to her introduction to Sunburst Projects, an HIV/AIDS non-profit in Sacramento, where she was asked to join the staff as their Director of Development & Health Services.

Diana and her husband moved to Santa Clarita in 2021, and she became involved in the community activities and fundraising events. Diana is thrilled to serve on the Board of  Directors for the Child & Family Center where she can use her experience in both fundraising and healthcare to advocate for the most vulnerable in our community.

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