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Teen Mental Health Services

Teen Mental Health Services

Child & Family Center offers teen mental health services for Medi-Cal and underinsured  in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys. If you don’t have Medi-Cal we can help you qualify.

We offer teen mental health services for individuals dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD and behavioral problems.

Poor Teen Mental Health

Poor teen mental health is more than feeling blue. It can impact many areas of a teen’s life. Teens with poor mental health may struggle with school and grades, relationships, decision making, and their physical health.

Know the warning signs

Knowing the warning signs for teen mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions is important. It can help you catch problems early — before they become more serious.

Persistent sadness that lasts 2 weeks or more
Feeling overly fearful, anxious, or worried
Withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions
Talking about self-harm, harming others, or suicide
Extreme anger or irritability
Drastic changes in mood, behavior, or personality
Major changes in eating or sleeping habits
Frequent headaches or stomachaches
Difficulty concentrating
Falling behind in school or earning lower grades

Suicidal Thoughts

When teens are struggling with mental health issues they may at times experience thoughts of harming themselves or others.  Sometimes this needs immediate attention to keep them and others safe. Call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for 24/7 help, or for a medical emergency, please visit your hospital emergency room for immediate help.

Teen Alcohol and Drug Use 

Teens with mental health issues are at increased risk of drug and alcohol use. Child & Family Center offers a comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for teens.


Child and Family Center Safe Space

Many teen mental health issues are found to be common in teens that identify as belonging to the LGBTQ community. Our staff is mindful of their needs and the adversities they face.  Child & Family Center is a Safe Space, and we are here to support and help.

Teen Dating Violence

Many teens also deal with teen dating violence, which can have a negative impact on their mental health.  Our domestic violence program can offer individual and group therapy for those in unhealthy relationships.



Here’s how we can help:
Individual Therapy

Child and Family Center - Teen Mental Health ServicesWe provide individual therapy in our office, in the home and through telehealth services via phone and video sessions. A therapist helps to identify problems and develops a treatment plan.  Family members, caregivers and friends may also be involved in treatment as needed.

Group and Family Therapy

Child and Family Center - Teen Mental Health ServicesGroup therapy helps teens work through problems by interacting with a therapist and a group of individuals with similar struggles. Group members share personal experiences, feelings, and issues and receive feedback and support from the rest of the group.

We also offer parenting groups to help parents better support their teens. Family therapy is helpful for decreasing family conflict and strengthening the family’s ability to address conflict and create a rewarding family life.

Medication Support

Medication can be effective for treating depression, anxiety and behavioral problems.  Our staff psychiatrists perform individualized assessments, prescribe and monitor medication if needed.

Ready to seek help?

When we receive your online request or phone call requesting services, a member of our access team will contact you.  They will ask specific questions to determine the appropriate course of treatment.  If you do not have  MediCal insurance, we can help you qualify.  If you have private insurance, we can recommend private practice therapists in your area.

(661) 259-9439

In An Emergency call 988

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention, and crisis resources for you or your loved ones. We can all help prevent suicide.

For medical emergencies, please call 911 or visit your local hospital emergency room.

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