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Positive Parenting Program is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioral and emotional problems in children and youth.

Three-year-old Bobby has autism spectrum disorder that greatly affects his behavior. He would experience intense emotional meltdowns that lasted for thirty minutes at least four or five times every day. His physical aggression toward his parents and siblings was uncontrollable and occurred four times per day. His parents were in desperate need of help when they came to the Agency, and were referred to the Early Childhood Mental Health Program.

Initially, their therapist helped them understand Bobby’s autism diagnosis and how to parent a child with special needs. During the family sessions, they practiced various strategies: give praise, engage in warm interactions, and read the cues to know when Bobby is overstimulated, which causes his meltdowns. They participated in the Positive Parenting Program, which helps to improve the parent/child relationship. They learned to create a supportive environment in the home, established daily rituals and routines and engaged in daily quality playtime. In addition, they were referred to a local Applied Behavior Analysis provider for children with autism.

Today, Bobby’s parents are better able to read his nonverbal cues. They are more confident and know how to manage his challenging behaviors. In turn, Bobby feels safe knowing that his parents are more responsive to his needs. His preschool reports that he is more comfortable joining in group activities, sharing toys with other children, and is much happier in class.

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