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David Wong, MD, CPPS
  • Kaiser Permanente

David Wong MD, CPPS is the Physician Risk and Patient Safety Director for Kaiser Permanente Panorama City Medical Center and a prior Physician-in-Charge for the Santa Clarita Medical Offices for the past 12 years.

In addition to his patient panel and administrative duties, he is actively involved in Santa Clarita Valley Community. Using his Certified Professional Patient Safety (CPPS) knowledge, he helps contribute to Patient Care Committee for Henry Mayo Hospital and is the Vice President for the Child and Family Center.

Dr. Wong graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1990 and completed his residency after being Chief Resident at the UCLA program in 1994. Since joining Kaiser Permanente in 1994, he has worked in the Santa Clarita Valley enjoying the people and the businesses in the community.

“I believe mental health is a very important part of our community as we try to improve the health of the communities we serve. If we can provide mental health support to our children and families before they are at crisis then their health will be in a better state. Like ying and yang, the mind affects the body and body affects the mind.”