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About Us

Changing lives and healing relationships by helping people thrive through education, treatment, prevention and advocacy – Strengthening families today for stronger communities tomorrow.

For over 40 years, Child & Family Center has built on what our founders started by providing quality care and services to children and families in need. Although the passion and purpose stayed the same, as a vibrant and mission-driven organization, we have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the communities we serve and expectations of our funders. Most significantly, we recently navigated two mergers enabling us to leverage resources and more efficiently and effectively provide mental health, substance use, and domestic violence services. This all sets the stage for our Strategic Plan that is framed with four aims in mind: Better Care. Smarter Spending. Healthier People. Joy in Work.


Better Care

Provide high quality care, treatment and services that are safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, ethical and client-centered.

Strategic Focus

  • Commit to excellence by ensuring all processes and operations are necessary, clearly defined, and efficiently designed to align people, systems, and policies.
  • Build and maintain staff and organizational competency for client and family-centered care by matching workforce supply and skills with education & training.

Smarter Spending

Recognize that providing affordable behavioral health care happens when costs are managed side-by-side with clinical quality and the client experience – this is the key to demonstrating accountability and value.

Strategic Focus

  • Proactively meet growth and integration demands that address organizational and community needs while delivering higher-quality care and necessary infrastructure support.

Healthier People

Improve the behavioral health of children, adolescents, adults and others with mental health and substance use disorders.

Strategic Focus

  • Use evidence-based care models for mental health, substance use and domestic violence services and value-based contracting to ensure the healthiest population possible.
  • Broaden reach by expanding collaborative and productive partnerships with investors, health systems, primary care providers, payers, schools, community organizations and others.
  • Meet the community’s growing and unmet needs by enhancing clinical offerings and culturally competent care such as service area expansion for behavioral health, education and advocacy programs, and domestic violence services.

Joy in Work

Acknowledge the importance of a meaningful work environment and grow satisfying community relationships in which people find meaning and purpose to advance behavioral health care, treatment and services.

  • Recruit, train and retain the best individuals and build best teams to ensure Child & Family Center has the right people with the right skills in the right place.
  • Build high impact Board and leadership that invest its energy in strategy, performance management, organization health, talent management and compliance.

Our Strategic Plan supports the focus for maintaining the essential financial stability required to sustain quality care, treatment, and services while demonstrating a deep commitment to and investment in our employees. In the coming years, the goal is to provide better care to more people resulting in healthier people and communities. We are confident that we will be successful. This three-year Plan was two years in the making. It reflects input and data from our valued community partners, healthcare providers, volunteers, employees, board members and funders. We are grateful for their contributions to our vision. With every exciting change, we broaden our view of ourselves and continually evaluate how we can do better in realizing our mission, promise, and potential.