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Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence Services

We provide domestic violence services for individuals and their children who are in abusive relationships. Our services are free and include safety, shelter and support for survivors.

While participating in the program, you will receive domestic violence services including individual and group counseling, learn to recognize the signs of abuse, and how to choose healthy relationships. You will also learn life skills such as resume building, making healthy choices, budgeting, and time management.

Emergency Shelter

If your situation becomes dangerous to you or your children, you may need to leave your home to keep yourself safe. Our 30-day emergency shelter provides a safe haven for you and your children.

Legal Support

You may be required to attend court hearing, which can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Our advocates will help you with obtaining temporary restraining orders, and provide referrals to consultations regarding custody and divorce.

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To ensure the safety of each survivor seeking services, please contact our advocates for support services (court support, legal resources, classes,etc)
Or reach out to an advocate for immediate support at our 24 hour/7days a week hotline:
Do not complete the online request for services form. For your safety, our staff will not initiate contact.

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council

For medical emergencies, please call 911 or visit your local hospital emergency room.

How to Support a Victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

What should you do if you suspect someone you know is a victim of domestic violence? Tiffany Thomas speaks with It’s Your Health Radio about this very important subject.


Child and Family Center - Domestic Violence Services


Here’s how we can help:
Individual Counseling

Our counselors help you with emotional support, safety planning, case management services and assistance with medical, court and child welfare services.


Group Counseling

During group counseling sessions you will receive support from others in the group. Group counseling can be very helpful as members offer support to each other,  and help to encourage positive changes and self-sufficiency.


Court Approved Education Classes

Domestic Violence Education
What is domestic violence
Red Flags

Why victims stay

Active Parenting
Effects of domestic violence on children
Positive discipline
Communication skills

Healthy Relationships
Promoting healthy boundaries in relationships
Building relationships that promote safety

What is Domestic Violence?

Learn the signs of domestic violence.


Leaving an Abusive Relationship

What steps do I need to take



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