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Alex struggled with anxiety and depression for a year. He was constantly worrying and often became very agitated. His thoughts were clouded and he did not want to exist, feeling like a burden, and always feeling numb. His mother brought him to the Agency’s crisis department when he threatened suicide.

Once stabilized, he began weekly sessions with his therapist. He continued to have on and off again suicidal ideation. His grades at school declined dramatically. Finally, one day he told his therapist that he was having trouble with his sexual identity and ultimately shared that they were transgender, non-binary, identifying more with female gender, and disclosed preferred pronouns of they/them.

They didn’t know how to tell their parents, and were scared of how they would react. Through family sessions, Alex began to feel more comfortable and opened up to their parents, who were supportive, but felt unprepared to tackle.

Both parents met with the therapist to process their own feelings regarding Alex’s identity, and how they could give support. Their parents actively collaborated with them and their therapist, and shared their needs and how they could help. The parents learned about the importance of keeping Alex safe and being involved in their demonstrations, support and acceptance.

As they continued treatment, their peer interactions and connections at school improved. They took on leadership roles in school. They began to feel more positive about life, expressing feeling happier in their own skin and were able to manage their anxious thoughts and feelings. They have successfully completed therapy and have coping skills such as grounding to stay focused.

Alex is currently attending university out of state and studying communications. They are passionate about advocating for LGBTQ youth after successfully overcoming their own struggles.

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