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People with alcohol or drug dependence problems can and do recover. Child & Family Center is committed to working with youth and adults who struggle with substance use as well as domestic violence.

Cindy was 27 years old when her life hit bottom. For years she had used heroin, often partying with her two brothers. Her boyfriend was physically and mentally abusive and kept her isolated from her friends and family. They were homeless, bouncing from one motel to another. The final straw was when her boyfriend was arrested for burglary and Department of Children and Family Services took their four-month old daughter away for her safety.

Cindy was court ordered to get help. She enrolled in Child & Family Center’s Substance Use Program. In the beginning, she was nervous and suffered from social anxiety. The years of trauma and self-medicating made her feel isolated and she refused to share her feelings. After a few months, Cindy began to feel more comfortable. She attended groups three times per week and finally started sharing. Over time she felt more secure, and emerged as a leader, inspiring hope in the other group members. In addition to the substance use groups, Cindy attended the Agency’s domestic violence groups and parenting classes. Cindy completed the six month program and continues to attend the weekly support group and receives individual counseling. She mended her estranged relationships with her parents, and is living with her mother. She is working at Starbucks and has regained custody of her daughter. They are living together in an apartment. She is so grateful for all the help she received.

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