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Leslie was depressed and hated life. She had low self-esteem and didn’t fit in with the popular kids at school. They made fun of her for being overweight. She lived with her mother and grandmother and had no contact with her father. The only time she felt “loved” was when she was drunk and had sex with various boys.

She was drinking tequila daily, to the point that she suffered blackouts. She would frequently sneak out of her house to attend parties where all the teens were using drugs and alcohol. She was suspended from school multiple times for fighting. Her behavior made life for her family unbearable. Her mother brought her to Child & Family Center for help.

She participated in  the Drug and Alcohol Program, where she learned why she was using alcohol to self-medicate. Her therapist helped her to identify and use better coping skills. She developed some friendships with the others,  gained support through new healthy friendships and began to participate in positive activities such as soccer, art classes and playing the guitar.

Jennifer graduated high school. She continues to see her therapist for help with mental health issues, and she remains clean and sober.