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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get emergency help?
Call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for 24/7, confidential support for people in suicidal crisis or mental health-related distress.

What is the first step to get help?
Contact our office at (661) 259-9439 or visit our website us for an appointment for an intake assessment.

Do you accept insurance?
Child & Family Center provides services for Medi-Cal insured.  If you have private insurance, we can provide referrals to resources in your community.

How do I qualify for Medi-Cal?
If you are not already approved, we can help you qualify for Medi-Cal.

What are your hours?
Our hours are Monday-Thursday 9am – 7pm, Friday 9a – 5pm.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and usually once per week, or twice weekly if needed.

Do you offer video sessions?
Telehealth sessions are provided if you prefer over in-person office visits.

Is what I say in counseling kept confidential?
Information about your counseling sessions or what is discussed in the session is not shared with anyone without expressed written permission. Your therapist will review confidentiality with you at the outset of treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Can you prescribe medication if needed?
Our staff psychiatrists perform individualized assessments and treatment plans to prescribe and monitor medication if needed.

May I include family members?
Yes, often family therapy sessions are provided in the treatment plan.

Do you have group therapy?
Yes – group and family therapy is offered and can be beneficial.

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