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When Georgina came to the Domestic Violence Program for help, she felt alone and that nobody understand what she had gone through.  She had lost hope.  She felt disappointed, used and abused because of the trauma she had endured, and had no self-esteem.

With the help of the program’s support group, her life started to change.

“Today I am able to understand what violence is – yelling, threats, hitting. Now that I understand I can teach my daughters what domestic violence is so they will not become victims.
It has helped me a lot in taking responsibility and being a better mother to my children. During the time I was here I felt understood, not judged and was able to identify with the other women in the group.

I have learned to make wiser decisions to live a healthier life with my children, without any type of abuse.

I learned to set limits, to request the same respect I give, and above all to value myself as a person. I am so thankful to this program for the progress in the journey of my life in helping me to recognize, share, and heal from something horrible that happened to me many years ago.”